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And the winner is...

Dear Hackathoner’s

Thank you all for participating in DeepCloudAI’s Decentralized Apps Hackathon. We are pleased to announce the winners:


Best Overall Application: SecurityChain

Best Blockchain Application: SecurityChain

Best Video: SecurityChain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NadwmDBHeW4)

Best IoT Application: Environmental Sensing / Salmon Counter

Best AI@Edge Application: MFLock

Runner-up Intel SGX Application: SecureGeo

Runner-up Blockchain Application: Dairy Products Supply Chain

Runner-up Blockchain Application: Proof of Software Checksum

Runner-up AI@Edge Application: Gesture Detection for visually impaired


Congratulations to all the winning teams. We will be reaching out to you soon. For pictures and highlights check…

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Final Submissions

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for joining the Decentralized Apps Hackathon. Final submissions are now due by Monday Jan 28, 10 AM PST.    Please submit following with your project on the Hackathon Site

1. Video Presentation ~ 5 min,  explaining the overall concept, high level architecture, quick demo, team and where you plan to take this next 2. Github url of your code 3. Docker hub link to your repo 4. Link of your application on DeepCloud AI platform -- if you got things running (or pieces of it running). Have at least one component of your application deployed on DeepCloud AI (details for signup…

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New awards announced

Please see the new GPU/Miner awards from LDA.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Try to arrive by 1:30 PM in Conference Room 206. Bring you laptops with Docker preinstalled. And join on Slack if you haven't done so already using: http://bit.ly/2FItPlY

All the best,