Hackathon for building decentralized applications for IoT, AI@Edge, Blockchain apps.

Come build interesting decentralized applications that benefit from running close to end users on a decentralized cloud.

Top 4 applications will be awarded prizes.

Award Categories:

  1. Best AI@Edge application
  2. Best IoT application benefiting from edge computation close to end users
  3. Best Blockchain application
  4. Best application using Intel SGX 

You can join as an individual or formulate teams. Your application should be packaged as docker containers and run on DeepCloud AI decentralized cloud. Applicants will get time till Sunday 27th to get their apps running on the cloud. All applicants who complete deploying their applications on the cloud will be given surprise reward.

Day 1: Thursday, Jan 24th,  1:30pm – 6 pm

Decentralized AI Talk
Opening, Hackathon rules, Team formations.
Talk from Intel on Intel SGX

All teams should be registered by end of the day on the Hackathon platform. You are free to work in your teams to refine your ideas.

Day 2: Friday, Jan 25th, 10am – 5 pm

10 – 10:30 Team idea presentations (5 min per team)

10:30 – 3:00 Concept Development

3 – 4 pm Final Idea presentation (10 min per team)

4:30 – 5pm Best Ideas selection and award announcements

Best Overall Application Award will be announced next week from all the running applications.

Bonus Award for the best video submission will also be announced next week.  


Please continue to check here and on Slack


Some sample apps running on the platform:


See below for some helpful resources

DeepCloud AI

  • Join on DeepHackthon Slack  using this link and provide your email. All discussions are handled on slack.
  • Signup as a Application Developer and review the documentation (details on slack)
  • Deploy a simple test application on DeepCloud AI from one of public Docker images from Dockerhub, See other resources in Hackathon Slack #resources channel, including quick start videos



  • Make sure you have Docker installed on your machine. See https://docs.docker.com/install/ for steps to install. Note that Docker requires 64-bit machines for deployment. If you have 32-bit machine or non-pro edition of windows, install Docker Toolbox for Windows instead. 
  • If you are new to Docker, then go over the Docker Getting Started guide and build a test container to familiarize yourself.
  • Create an account for yourself on DockerHub, if you don't have one already. Your apps will be packaged as docker containers and deployed from DockerHub (or another container registry like Quay.io)


  • Have the tooling for Ethereum or other Blockchain for building the smartcontracts
  • Truffle is good framework for Ethereum Smartcontracts: https://truffleframework.com/
  • Setup your wallet for smart contract transactions -- MetaMask is a good option for Ethereum. 
  • Create an account on the Blockchain Testnet for development testing

Intel IoT


Intel SGX


Any application developer familar with docker who can package and run their apps as a docker container.

For people joining Hackathon at Conference in-person, please bring your laptops with wifi and Docker preinstalled. See https://docs.docker.com/install/ for steps to install. 


You will build a decentralized application, packaged as a docker container(s) and deployed on DeepCloudAI platform.

Application can be for IoT, AI@Edge, Blockchain dApp, Intel SGX secure app.

If your application demostrates the benefits of doing computation close to the edge devices or location it will get bonus points. Additional bonus points will be awarded for the best video.

To be considered for the award, application must be deployed on DeepCloud AI platform by Sunday 27th EOD. 

Send the github url, dockerhub repo along with your submission.

Online participants must also have to submit a short ~5min video presentation of your project. All video submissions will be considered for the Bonus Video award. 

Hackathon Sponsors


Best overall application

For Best overall application running on DeepCloud AI

Prizes: AI Vision Kit from Intel, GPU from LDA, Cloud Credits from DeepCloud AI

Best IoT App

For Best app using Intel IoT

Prizes: Intel Neural Compute Stick, GPU from LDA, DeepCloud AI Credits

Best AI@Edge App

For Best app using Intel AI@Edge

Prizes: Intel Neural Compute Stick, GPU from LDA, DeepCloud AI Credits

Best Blockchain App

For Best blockchain Application

Prizes: Intel Neural Compute Stick, Miner from LDA, DeepCloud AI Credits

Innovative Secure App

Best app using Intel SGX

Prizes: Intel Neural Compute Stick, Miner from LDA, DeepCloud AI Credits

Bonus Prize (video)

For Best video concept

Intel Hive Wireless Speaker, DeepCloud AI Credits

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register for free hackathon pass at Global AI Conference
  2. Create account on devpost and formulate your teams. 
  3. Registration will be complete only after you join our Slack


DeepCloudAI Team

DeepCloudAI Team
DeepCloud AI

Global AI Team

Global AI Team
Conference Team



Judging Criteria

  • Concept Strength
    Strength of the Concept and the overall vision of the team along with next steps of where they want to take the project forward
  • Functional App
    At least one component of the application should be deployed on DeepCloudAI and functional
  • IoT App
    Best IoT App category award is for outstanding IoT applications that demonstrate the power of doing edge computation close to the IoT devices
  • AI@Edge App
    Best AI@Edge App category award is for outstanding AI/ML apps that demonstrate the power of doing AI/ML in a decentralized environment. You can demonstrate both model training and model execution aspects.
  • Blockchain App
    Best Blockchain App category award is for outstanding blockchain dApps on any blockchain that demonstrate the power of running on decentralized cloud
  • Secure App
    Innovative Secure App category award is for outstanding app using Intel SGX

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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