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Preparation for Hackathon

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the DeepCloud AI's Decentralized Apps Hackathon.

As we gear up the Hackathon, please make sure that you have:

1. Signed-up on the Conference Registration site: Your registered emails will be used for setting-up the accounts and access to slack channel.

2. Review the requirements and all the rules.

3. Make sure you have Docker installed on your machine for building the apps. Also create an account on DockerHub. In case you are new to docker, familiarize yourself with basic concepts from the Docker getting started guide. Check out the links under Resources on Home page.

4. Start forming your teams and identify topic for your project from the four categories

More details to follow...

Looking forward to seeing the wonderful creations you all build at the Hackathon.

All the best,
Geeta Chauhan
CTO, DeepCloud AI


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    Note that Docker requires 64-bit machines for deployment. Also check all the prerequisites for docker to configure the settings on your machines.
    If you have 32-bit machine or non-pro edition of windows, install Docker Toolbox for Windows instead

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    This article is so informative well thanks

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